yuki-ita YOROI DIGITAL CATALOG english edition

10In order to enjoy snow sports safely, you should know how to prevent injuries and countermeasuresAfter going through the ski boom in the late 1980s and the snowboard boom in the 1990s, in recent years each ski area has changed drastically. Now areas are created to compete for skills such as jump, rail, half pipe, box and more, and the way that people enjoy these sports has also changed. Due to these, injuries during snow sports and skiing are also diversied and therefore, there is also a need for a change in the way things are done to prevent the accidents. In Switzerland, there is a survey which shows that the percentage of people, whose safety awareness has increased after injuries, is on the rise. Now, all over the world, attention is focused on safety measures including usage of protector.As a pioneer of snow sports protector we also think about the importance of protector and the ways to reduce the risk of injury.With a little prevention and a bit of eort, the risk of injury can be greatly reduced. Furthermore, by using the protectors, even if you fall, you can reduce the pain considerably, and you may be able to continue trying for a number of times, in a way that you can hone your skills in very short period.Rules in competitions and on ski slopes…(1) FIS(INTERNATIONAL SKI FEDERATION) Competition Equipment Standards & CommercialIn marking standard 2012/2013, in all events, the use of protector is recommended. In addition, for children under the age of 12, it has also been stated that they should use a back protector.(2) In National Ski Safety Measures Council, in snow sports safety standards, under the obligation using snow park, it has been clearly stated to wear a helmet and other necessary armor.ENJOYING SAFELYFOR SKIAccording to ski area injuries report (data for 2012/2013 season) published by Japan Ski Safety Measures Council, leg injuries during ski are highest and the cause is getting hurt with the edge or stock when they fall their own, mostly due to failure of trick or fall during sliding. The second most common is collision with others and it is to be noted that the percentage skiers is more than snowboarding. In skiing, when you lose control and runaway, then fall down with courage as soon as possible. The safest way to fall down is on sideways with either of your left or right butt, if possible, bring you both feet together. If your speed increases, you will be scare to fall down and will not be able to fall. When you feel dangerous, just fall down and stop when you have some time to do so.Also, at this time, protector will help to absorb the impact received after fall.A family, whose three generations enjoy skiing and snowboarding. (Mr. Shirai) The family love to have YOROI.