yuki-ita YOROI DIGITAL CATALOG english edition

12PRO RIDERSMESSAGE FROMEri YanetaniShinichi WatanabeKentaro YoshiokaTaketo KizakiTorino & Vancouver Olympics, Snowboard Giant SlalomJapanese Representative AthleteNagano Olympic, Half-PipeJapanese Representative AthleteAlpine Pro Rider SBX Pro Rider I’d like to give you some advices to avoid injury from falling. First of all, “Don’t try to brace impact with arms when falling forward.” Otherwise, you'll hurt your wrist. “When you fall with speed, bend your knees and keep your board away from the snow surface.” Otherwise, you’ll hit the snow surface very hard and you may hurt your ankles or knees. Please be aware of these indispensable notes and enjoy your riding with safety protector like YOROI!!To enjoy snowboarding, you have to be careful and protect yourself from injuries. Falling occurs in this sport especially when you make progress. YOROI keeps you away from serious shocks. Although sense of security with the protector improves my mentality when riding, I always keep in mind to stretch before and after boarding to take care of myself and to alleviate any fatigue. Now I can continue the happiness that is snowboarding.You’ll see yourself completely new, when you are boarding with YOROI! You can challenge yourself with something new from the sense of security by wearing the armor. If you are hesitant of the next level, try YOROI. Let’s go! Protectors for life!! Good judgment is especially important during times of enjoyment. It's not uncommon for people to get hurt by getting ahead of themselves riding, whether it is from the influence of experienced riders around them or the exciting atmosphere, especially when riding with friends. A day is spoiled when injured. So keep calm and analyze your performance while riding, and end your day on the slopes with a good note.Shouko MiyatakeALPINE Pro RiderI have been using these protectors for the last two seasons. Before that I was practicing without them. I am practicing at my best personal speed at Alpine snowboarding, which competes for speed. While practicing, I fell several times on my back and hurt it many times. Now that I’m using YOROI protector, I can protect myself and have a great, high-quality practice. Just by wearing a protector, I can slide with all my strength!! As it has high functionality and it does not resist my movement, it has now become an essential item for me.