yuki-ita YOROI DIGITAL CATALOG english edition

13yoroi-blp 2014-2015catalogRyuta TanakaSS/HP Pro SnowboarderI have been using YOROI protector from the Year 12-13 season. When I saw the YOROI protector for the rst time, I felt as if it looked very uncomfortable and I thought that it would resist my movements. But actually when I wore it, it was not the case at all. It fits my body perfectly, it does not limit my movements and I can slide as usual. In competitions, injuries are likely to happen, but if you’re scared about injuring yourself, you won’t be able to do anything. But you can avoid these injuries. By wearing YOROI protector, you can securely enjoy snowboarding at the fullest. Really try it at least once and see how it feels.Hikaru TakizawaKimiobu SugiyamaSS/HP Pro SnowboarderSugiyama Ski & Snow Sports School PrincipalAs this protector ts the body perfectly, even if you miss landing in jump or half pipe, it securely protects you so it is very safe. Also this feeling of safety boosts your con dence when you try your next level of tricks. When you wear YOROI protector, it keeps you warm and it resists your body getting colder. It prevents you from getting cold on snowy days or on colder completion elds. This protector is friendly to your body and mind as well.When snowboarding, I always slide with confidence by wearing YOROI protector. When I rst saw the YOROI, it looked as if it was going to be very uncomfortable to move. However, on the contrary, it was very comfortable; it fits me perfectly and allows me to move with ease, so I can practice my skills with peace of mind. For me, the sense of security that wearing a protector gives me is very important and I can practice the skills without any hesitation. As it is divided into many small pads, bending and stretching is very easy, with absolutely no discomfort while wearing the protector. As I said it fits perfectly so I can do my best in competitions comfortably. I love YOROI protectors the most. I really want you all to try wearing YOROI protectors and enjoy sliding.Towards the future standards!This is a protector that will allow people to enjoy snow sports more safely and securely. In Europe and America, not only racers but also many ordinary people are using it too.If you talk about the upper body protector, then many people assume that it is an exaggeration. But it’s not. To avoid the risk of injury, there is no other product that has such excellent safety features. "YOROI Backbone Guard High Titanium" has a very hard pad and guards you from shock if you fall or collide. Moreover, due to its perfect tting, there are no worries about the imbalance of fashionable dressing.Ayako KamataJunior SP/SS Pro RiderI have been using YOROI protector from the Year 12-13 This protector is friendly to your body and mind as well.