yuki-ita YOROI DIGITAL CATALOG english edition

14Based on the concept "The whole inner layer acting as a protector", the Japanese traditional armor “YOROI” was revived for the modern world. Special honeycomb not only absorbs shock but also adjusts the body temperature in order to breathe. It is ultra-lightweight, comfortable to wear and has good cutting for easy movements. A system with patent acquisition is now on board. The whole OH-YOROI series has joint function and it also corresponds to more active movements. Moreover, considering the environment, it also uses eco-friendly materials and fabrics recycled from co ee, which have excellent sweat absorption qualities. It is also quick drying and has an antibacterial deodorant function. Products of real intention are gathered here!大鎧SERIESEri YanetaniNobunaga Oda, who was said to be a great soldier, was performing "Atsumori" in Noh play always right before the battle. It is said that he was breathing with his core muscles in his body and by controlling his mind, he gained his victories.*Patent Registration No. 1221420column Japanese Spirit of HarmonyOH-YOROI