yuki-ita YOROI DIGITAL CATALOG english edition

16大鎧JACKET “TITAN”大鎧LONG PANTS “TITAN”大鎧SHORT PANTS“TITAN”YR 540 size : W,S, M, L, XL color : BLK,PYTHON YR 520 size : W,S, M, L, XL color : BLK, PYTHON YR 515 size : W,S, M, L, XL color : BLK, PYTHONIn ancient Japan, turtle shell was thought to have brought good fortune. Our turtle shell designed pads are attached in order to protect knees,elbows and shoulders. A 3-D hemisphere pad is attached to t and protect the upper arm. The cutting of pads around the shoulders doesn’tobstruct even the most active movement. Everything from the inside of the back to the waist uses an excellent Japanese-made titanium ber withheat-retaining properties. In addition to this, inside the inner titanium and front side of the inner, we use special recycled co ee material, withfast drying and sweat absorbing capabilities. Even in case where you sweat excessively, you will still feel fresh due to the quick dry capabilities ofthe product. In addition, due to the odor control feature, "The jacket is comfortable for use in the mountains."Only OH-YOROI is a central zipper type product. Shortsare recommended to use in conjunction with the kneeprotector.BACKBACKBACKFRONTFRONTFRONTBLKBLKPYTHONPYTHONBuilt-in PEboard to thecenterBuilt-in PEboard to thecenterWith the recoveryhook, posture can beadjusted immediately.With the recovery hook,posture can be adjustedimmediatelyTrunksupportKUSABIWedge-shapeSweat-absorbentquick-drying