yuki-ita YOROI DIGITAL CATALOG english edition

17yoroi-blp 2014-2015 catalog大鎧 VEST“TITAN”ELBOW PROTECTOR“TITAN”KNEE PROTECTOR“TITAN”YR 555 size : W・S・M・L・XL color : BLK, PYTHON YR 552 size : FREE color : BLKYR 551 size : FREE・W-S color : BLK Extremely popular OH-YOROI vest type!YOROI perfect guard system vest with 2.5mm (front) and 4.5mm (back) honeycomb special mesh fabric. Di erence of thethickness of the material gives you proper protection and easiness to wear. Joint belt equipped to connect with bottomgear.The turtle shell mold pad wraps around the elbow and knee.The magic body (with Velcro) can t most body types.Titanium ber is used to protect the ligaments. Heatretainingproperties are also excellent.TrunksupportOH-YOROI JOINT SYSTEMThis is an extremely convenientsystem only for OH-YOROI type,which joins the jacket and pantseasily with the parts provided.Even with movement it can’t getseparated. Both the jacket and thepants have these parts.Recycle co ee fabric is used for OH-YOROI. Not only doesco ee emit great aroma, it has fast drying and sweat absorbing,odor control, and ultraviolet screening functions withouttreatment. Instead of disposing such resource, we recycle andreuse the co ee grounds, making our suits environmentallyfriendly.BACKBACKFRONTFRONTBLKPYTHONELBOWKNEEBuilt-in PEboard to thecenterWith the recovery hook,posture can be adjustedimmediately. FREE SIZE W-S SIZETitanium ber is used in theligament guard portion!BY RECYCLING COFFEE WASTERECYCLE COFFEE FABRICAvailable in 2 SIZES: W-S, FREE W-S SIZETrunksupportKUSABIWedge-shapeSweat-absorbentquick-dryingSweat-absorbentquick-drying