yuki-ita YOROI DIGITAL CATALOG english edition

20 鎧SERIESYOROI perfect guard system:4.5mm thick honeycomb mesh is used for the entire body, whichabsorbs the shock with the actual clothing material.Titanium fabric:The titanium coated ber is used in the back internaljacket and pants in the back of the waist. It also actsas an excellent heat retainer.Shinichi WatanabeMesh GuardFabric (HD only)PE-HARD-BOARD(Center Pad only)Pressure-relieving Material PadSpecial Honeycomb Mesh(Polyester shock absorption fabric)Soft Inner FabricImpact ImageMold Pad (EVA)In YOROI series, you have the option to select the hardness of the pad, which is made up of highly durable EVA material.There are two main types of cushion pads, a hard pad and a soft pad. Other than that, we also o er a HI pad, which feels likehard plastic and a semi-hard NJ pad, which has mid-level hardness when compared to that of the hard pad and soft pad. Anyof these pads have the shape that can t to every movement of very active body. You are able to choose the type you wantaccording to your taste, body type and action scenarios.Seeing at far away mountains (Musashi Miyamoto)Musashi has explained in his book ‘The Book of Five Rings’, that if you swing the sword looking at far away, you can have rm movement without losing the balance of your body. It is one of the Japanese-style gestures, and it can also beapplied to a variety of sports.column Japanese Spirit of HarmonyYOROI