yuki-ita YOROI DIGITAL CATALOG english edition

23yoroi-blp 2014-2015 catalogYOROI HD VESTYOROI SR VESTYR 501 size : W・S・M・L・XL color : BLK・MOKU YR 507 size : W・M・L・XL color : NJB TrunksupportTrunksupportTrunksupportBuilt-in PEboard to thecenterBuilt-in PEboard to thecenterWith the recovery hook,posture can be adjustedimmediately.With the recovery hook,posture can be adjustedimmediately.The long-awaited XL sizehas been introduced!We now have a gorgeousdesign with rhinestonesdecorated on the frontzipper.It is the forming of crimp-molded EVA and mesh fabric in which the surface is processed in order to make ithard. It securely protects you by absorbing the shock caused from external shock and friction.Special Mold Hard Pad■Hardness Comparison of MaterialHard10-14°C12-18°C15-20°C40-50°C■Hardness Comparison of MaterialHard10-14°C12-18°C15-20°C40-50°CFirmly supports the trunk by tightening thewaist belt. By keeping the correct posture,the ow of neurotransmission force can beexpected and therefore it increases safety.YOROI perfect guard system in the vest style2.5mm thick special honeycomb mesh used in front, 4.5mm in back,the di erence of thickness in the front and back produce betterprotection e ciency.supportBuilt-in PEBuilt-in PEboard to theboard to thecentercenterKUSABIWedge-shapeSweat-absorbentquick-drying