yuki-ita YOROI DIGITAL CATALOG english edition

26 YOROI “LT” JACKETYOROI “LT” SHORTYOROI “LT” LONGYR 047 size : W・S・M・L・XL color : BLKYR 016 size : W・S・M・L・XL color : BLK YR 027 size : W・S・M・L・XL color : BLK 2.5mm light weight honeycomb mesh provides adequateprotection from impact as well as t and comfort. Variationin combination of jacket, long pants and short pantsavailable.TrunksupportTrunksupport*PE-BOARD apply only on center padMesh guard fabric (HD only)Mold pad (EVA)PE-BOARD*Honeycomb Light 2.5mmInner fabricPressure-relieving material padHONEYCOMB LIGHT SHOCK ABSORBENT SYSTEMThe honeycomb mesh of the YOROI shock absorption system isreplaced with Honeycomb Light 2.5mm fabric Inner internaltemperature control function, giving you supreme comfort and safety for riding.It also ts to slim type wears★Ladies pad isincluded in theladies product (W)Built-in PE board tothe centerBuilt-in PE board to the centerTaketo KizakiFRONTBACKMENSFRONTMENSFRONTMENSBACKMENSBACKLADYSFRONTBACKBuilt-in PEboard to thecenter■Hardness Comparison of MaterialHard10-14°C12-18°C15-20°C40-50°CLINER:BLK/MOKULADYS(W): RED ZIPPERladies product (W)LADYSFRONTBuilt-in PE board toLADYS(W): RED ZIPPERKUSABIWedge-shapeKUSABIWedge-shape鎧LT SERIESKUSABIWedge-shapeSweat-absorbentquick-dryingSweat-absorbentquick-drying