yuki-ita YOROI DIGITAL CATALOG english edition

27yoroi-blp 2014-2015 catalogIt is a short tail type considering the balancewith the hip pad.YOROI FITTER JACKETYOROI FITTER LONGYOROI FITTER SHORTYR 035 size : W・S・M・L・XL color : NJB YR 032 size : W・S・M・L・XL color : NJB YR 034 size : W・S・M・L・XL color : NJB TrunksupportTrunksupportThis is very simple jacket in which NJB spandex fabric is used and the front pad is removed. It has 2.5mm honeycomb light mesh and honeycomb light shock absorption system is used for the back.NJB body: It is a completely new fabric, which is used for the entire body with glossy tiny polka dots film on the BLK background. It is an exceptionally thin material with brilliant stretching qualities.。Spandex fabric is used for the entire body and YOROI pads are attached to it. It ts well with good waist cutting, that you’ll de nitely want to wear. It is also recommended for slim type wear.2.5mm honeycombmesh is used for theback.Built-in PE board tothe centerEri Yanetani■Hardness Comparison of MaterialHard10-14°C12-18°C15-20°C40-50°C★Ladies pad isincluded in the ladiesproduct (W)MENSFRONTMENSBACKLADYSFRONTKUSABIWedge-shape鎧LT FITTER SERIESSweat-absorbentquick-dryingNEWSweat-absorbentquick-drying