yuki-ita YOROI DIGITAL CATALOG english edition

28YOROI TAIKAN BELTYOROI KNEE SUPPORTERYR 810 size : FREE color : BLKYR 830 size : FREE color : BLKTrunksupportThe double belt rmly supports the trunk. Three PE bars are tted to it, which rmly support the lower back.Maintaining the correct posture also leads to prevention of injury.It has good breathability with special porous wet material. Further to this, there is an antibacterial nishing, which keeps it clean. Bending and stretching of the knees is easier. In winter sports, in everyday life, or even when on the mountain slopes, you can use it to relieve the burden on legs.Wearing is incredibly easy due to the wrap type. It’s made at the bare minimum size, so is exceptionally compact to carry. It is also washable.Inner surface is made with nice and softpile fabric. This stays comfortable evenwhen used for long time!Knee will be considerablyprotected with cushion pad.▲▲1pair 2psetYOROI GLOVE “KOTE” INNERYR 999 size : S~M・L~XL color : BLK 1pair 2psetIt can be used with any type of snow gloves. It has excellent stretching ability through its super-stretch material. Sweatabsorption and quick drying are also excellent. Due to goodsliding, wearing of gloves is very easy.A set of 2 PE bars overlapping eachother with good elasticity areattached in three places.Special mesh bag is also included.made in JapanSpecial mesh bag is also included.Support ItemsSpecial mesh bag is also YOROI SEAMLESS INNERYR110 size : S~M・L~XL COLOR: BLKSince it has a solid form with seamless knitting, it fits the body perfectly just as if it was a second skin. Due to the fact that you can move really easily, you’ll feel extremely comfortableSweat-absorbentquick-drying