yuki-ita YOROI DIGITAL CATALOG english edition

29yoroi-blp 2014-2015 catalogEven in a recent Sports Medical Journal, it was published that hip pads and kneepads have the possibility to reduce the risk of external injury at the time ofsnowboarding.Special mesh bagis also included.YR084 size : MENS FREE・LADYS FREE color : BLK  YR082 size : MENS FREE・LADYS FREE color : BLK  YR089 size : MENS FREE・LADYS FREE color : BLK  YR086 size : MENS FREE・LADYS FREE color : BLK  YOROI BR KNEEYOROI HD KNEEYOROI BR ELBOWYOROI HD ELBOWIt has a stretchable magic body (with Velcro) and a circular ligament gua rd; it is extremely easy to wear due to its wrap type structure. As thereis solid sewing to wrap the elbow and knee completely, and the entire surface is made up of special Velcro fabric, so you can fasten it anywhere on the surface and so it ts any knee size perfectly. The donut-shaped ligament pad rmly supports the knee and you won’t have to worry about displacement. In winter sports, especially as a preventive measure, it also plays the important role as a supporter to guard the ligaments. As it ts extremely well, you won’t even realize that you’re wearing it.▲▲▲▲1pair 2pset(ヒザ)1pair 2pset1pair 2pset1pair 2psetMENS FREEMENS FREEMENS FREEMENS FREELADYS FREELADYS FREELADYS FREELADYS FREE■Hardness Comparison of MaterialHard10-14°C12-18°C15-20°C40-50°C“Whenfalling onvalley sideOn knee!Was good to havepads!In other words, it is very important to touch the snow surface with the knee! At that time, if you are wearing a kneepad, it plays an important role to moderate the impact when you touch the ground. Through this,you’ll be able to enjoy trying many times. In addition,it also leads to injury prevention, so you’ll know you’re safe.When snowboarding, the point here is, when you fall ahead, touch the snow surface with your knee and spread out both your both hands from the shoulder and raise the snowboard in such a way that your body won’t get stuck in the snow surface.Importance of Knee Pads:Draping!