yuki-ita YOROI DIGITAL CATALOG english edition

30KIKKOUmilitalyJIMONASAGIRIHISHIMONYOROI FACE GUARDYR 090 size : FREE 1mm thick chloroprene and PU cushion used to create superb t around the nose, mouthand ear, blocking outside frost and wind. Breathable material makes this ideal for bikerson the road as well.Holes on the sideto ensure auditoryperception.Holes in the nose andmouth for breathing.NJBYOROI BEANIE “TENSHU” “天守”YR 101 size : FREE color : GRY Material: lame knitLogo: embroideryJust t sized knit cap. Gray that stands out even in snow storms.Size: S = Width 10 cm x Height 15 cm x Thickness 4 cmSize: M =Width 12 cm x Height 18 cm x Thickness 4 cmYOROI MULTI CASEYR381 size : S・Mcolor : NJBYOROI “OBI” YR380 size : 120cmcolor : MONSEN・KIKKOU・MILITARY・JIMON・ASAGIRI・HISHIMONA special tatami edge is used, which is only used in the alcove of aBuddhist temple and a Shinto shrine. Indeed it is an auspicious belt. It islong, and also suitable for use in snowy mountains. It can be cut to about25cm, so is also suitable for regular use and for ladies as well.Lens cloth is used inside the body where YOROI mold is used. It is a multi-purpose case with excellent shock absorption functions. It is also suitable to store damage sensitive equipment such as cameras, smartphones or mobile phones etc. It also protects against moisture due to its waterproof double zipper.Even big sunglasses can be stored in the M size case.With karabinerWith karabinerYOROI STICKERYOROI EmblemYR 990 size : Φ120mm YR 992 size : Φ50mm YR 991 size : Φ50mm YR 993 size : 185×46mm This patch can be easily stuck to cloths by just ironingit on.NEW