yuki-ita YOROI DIGITAL CATALOG english edition

31yoroi-blp 2014-2015 catalog(cm)SIZE CHART162~168166~172170~177176~183133~14263~7270~7863~7655~6458~6654~62143~151135~14884~9089~9593~9998~10570~7978~8383~8888~96SMLXLMen's157~16578~8860~70Ws'ydaL90cm110cm130cmJMKIDSJLRJHeightChestWaistStandard sizes listed. Please consult retailer for more information.FREE LX・L・M・S・W : ezis 388 RY NOMIHSIH/BJN・IRIGASA/BJN・NOMIJ/BJN・YRATILIM/BJN・UOKKIK/BJN : rolocFabric designed with traditionalJapanese patterns.“TITAN” “TITAN” 和NJBPYTHONSpecial mesh bag is also included.Special mesh bag is also included.YOROI WRIST GUARDYOROI POWER WRIST GUARD LX・L・M・S・W : ezis 588 RY NOHTYP・BJN : roloc1pair 2pset1pair 2psetEasily removable wrist bar is included with this wrist guard, which is made with excellentstretchable wetsuit material. It is a product in which titanium fabric is sewn in and it also hasexcellent thermal qualities.There is a wrist bar at the inner sideof the wrist and it is possible toeasily put-on and remove it.Japanese-made titanium fabric issewn inside the wrist guard.Cover part of wrist bar is protected with toughmaterial that is equivalent to Kevlar.NJB/KIKKOUNJB/MILITARYNJB/JIMONNJB/ASAGIRINJB/HISHIMON