yuki-ita YOROI DIGITAL CATALOG english edition

4 YOROI  PrologueA Protector to evolve the Body & Mind.Yoroi guard system that the "JapaneseSpirit of Harmony" supports.Starting with seasons of deep snow, Japan is accentuated with both rich and severe seasonalconditions. From older times, the Japanese has developed a sense of beauty from taking inthe immerse energy from their natural surroundings that in uenced their food, art, religionand culture.Japan's armor or "yoroi", also shares the same history of adaptation, crafted from uniquematerials such as leather, lacquer, iron, copper, and strap from around the world. Theyoroi's primary purpose was to protect the wearer during combat, but it was also essentialfor the armor to be mobile enough for attack. The yoroi was also a motivator for the wearerin times of combat. Features of the Japanese “yoroi” are not just about its practical aspect,but also the colors used. It also goes with a unique sense of impermanence that covers allthe seasons such as cherry blossoms in spring, fresh green colors in May, autumn leaves inautumn etc. It has been said that the color scheme incorporated in armor is an advancedculture that can’t be achieved except by Japanese people. In a way, the yoroi evolved intothe ultimate active guard that protected both the body and spirit during these times of lifeand death.Traditional armor is what inspired the YUKI-ITA "YOROI"® series for the winter slopes. Thiscame about by combining the traditional Japanese element of armory with cutting edgetechnology and today's adrenaline activities. It absorbs the shock entirely in cloth. Materialis selected considering various body parts, based on their shock absorption priority. Theshock cushioning is achieved based on the relevant body part. In addition, it hastemperature control features, breathability and complete comfort from the cloth that isused.The YOROI continues to evolve keeping in mind both beginner and experienced riders. TheYOROI is constantly in development to decrease the risk of injury and to enhance the activelife to its wearers, embodying the Japanese Spirit of Harmony.