yuki-ita YOROI DIGITAL CATALOG english edition

44ACCESSORIESKIRAKIRA DECK GREPPOWER STONE DECK GRIPLA VIE EN ROSE DECK GRIPB1260 color :RED・BLK・WHTblp Borders BeltB850 size :120cm (you can cut up to 25mm)color :D.BRN・G CAMO・RED・D CAMOThe deck grip is like an accessory in which beautifully cut specially strengthened coloracrylic is used!! It will make your board sparkle. If you want your board to be morevibrant then you can combine various colors of deck grips together!!BLKKD002GOLDKD010REDKD003PINKKD011BLUEKD008PURPLEKD012G.LAMEKD009AmethystBP001Howlite BP006Green AventurineBP013TourmalineBP002Rose QuartzBP007LabradoriteBP014Tiger EyeBP003Red JasperBP015Hematite BP004AragoniteBP011SodaliteBP016Lapis LazuliBP005AmazoniteBP012REDBLKWHTS.LAMEKD013(Seven-piece pack)(Seven-piece pack)made in Japanmade in Japanmade in Japan(2pcs set)The deck grip is made by cutting natural stones, which have mysterious powers within them. From ancient times these stones have an interesting history as well as lots of stories from around the world. They are truly pieces of the Earth. Feel the power of nature by giving them a try yourself.Deck grip with rose shape. You can use it as snowboard ornament!Length 33cm × Width 23.5cmINNER BOOTS PADB655 color :BLK・W.CAMO・REDBLKW CAMOREDYou can cut it to t your boots perfectly. This is a system where you just cut the pad and stick it to your inner boots.You may use it as an insole for your boots too!The pattern paper included has di erent feet sizes drawn on them, so that they’re easy to cut.Seal tape and pattern paper for cutting are included.Six types of pattern papers.