yuki-ita YOROI DIGITAL CATALOG english edition

45yoroi-blp 2014-2015 catalogSHOEGOOSHOEGOO DFCL120 color :NATURAL・BLK・WHT CL130 color :CLR This is the best product on the market with an excellent reputation. Even amateurs can apply these easily and neatly; they are the right quantity at the right cost as well.As it’s made from a clear color, if you decide to grease your shoes beforehand where they will get most likely to be damaged, these will help you to prevent your shoes from getting damaged and they will last longer.It is a brilliant product to maintain leather goods.It works like a desiccant for boots.boots.For inner with strapTie in just in 1 secondThey are not only suitable for snow boots, but for wake boots or climbing boots too!!Untie in 1 second tooFor outer with strapImageRoundimageOval imageSay goodbye to loose boots straps!Revolutionary laces made in Italy.It works like a desiccant for gloves.For boots!For glove!Ideal for climbing shoes!Sunrise from the summit of Mt. FujiSHOE DRYCL110 2pcs/SET SHOE DRY MINICL100 2pcs/SET  MINK OILCL600 内容量45gQUICK ONE SS(FOR INNER WITH STRAP)QUICK ONE SL(FOR OUTER WITH STRAP)B0003 2pcs/SET B0002 2pcs/SET MAGIC LACEB663MG size :220㎝・240㎝color :BLK・WHT・GRYBOOTS LACE (ROUND TYPE)B663RD size :220㎝・240㎝color :BLK・WHT・GRYBOOTS LACE (OVAL TYPE)B663BL size :220㎝・240㎝color :BLK・WHT・GRY▲▲