yuki-ita YOROI DIGITAL CATALOG english edition

46MOLD GOGGLE BAGB450 size :21×11×height12.5㎝ weight:170gcolor : BLK・W.CAMO Our hard goggle bag has been made by mold processing. Bigger goggles are also able to fit in perfectly. It has a handle strap with a rubber grip, with a spare lens case and a bungee strap along with a carabiner. All these features make it exceptionally easy and convenient to use! It protects your valuable goggles against everything.Our goggles need to be protected from scratches, both while using them and when storing them too. So we handle them very carefully. Often, however, at the end of the season you will still see small scratches on the lenses. Most scratches normally occur on the way back from the ski resort. As there is not normally a place to store your goggles, you tend to keep them in the car somewhere, so the lenses get scratched by coming into contact with other objects. The goggles bag that we’re talking about has a rubber band, which you can hang from the rail in your car. So by putting your goggles in the case quickly, you can store your goggles securely. This is an extremely convenient bag!(Comment: Former pro riderRumi Kuwashima)Spare lens caseRetractable bungee strapKnit goggle case. There is an additional pocket made of lens cloth fabric inside.Inner layer consists of cloth fabric, cleaning the goggle every time it is taken out of the case.Putting in and out is easy.Drawstring typeSpare lens pocketConvenient in order to store bigger goggles tooBLKW.CAMOINDYNATIVEGRBBLKNRDBK.OLVPK.WHTBK.GRYRubber grip handle strapCarabinerGOGGLE KNIT CASEB458 size :FREEcolor :NATIVE・ INDY・GRB・BLK・NRD・BK.OLV・PK.WHT・BK.GRYGOGGLE CASESHard & Soft Goggle CasesOnce you remove your goggle at the ski resort, you can put them straight into the case with just one action!It completely protects your goggles from scratches!!The inner side is made completely from gold cloth! You can clean your goggles quickly, just by turning the bag inside out and putting your hand inside and rubbing your goggles on it!