yuki-ita YOROI DIGITAL CATALOG english edition

48CASE&BAGKNIT HATBOOTSGLOVESWEARJACKETSNOW BOARDWEARPANTSPROTECTORGOGGLECLOTHINGWEARPANTSCLOTHINGFour Wheels BOARD CASESize: S/length: 150cm, width: 36cm, height: 16cm(BR441) Fitting board size: 135 ~149㎝   M/length: 160cm, width: 36cm, height: 16cm(BR442) Fitting board size: 145 ~159㎝ L/length: 170cm, width: 36cm, height: 16cm(BR 443) Fitting board size: 155 ~169㎝   XL/length: 190cm, width: 36cm, height: 16cm(BR444) Fitting board size: 175 ~189㎝color:BLK  There are two wheels on the sole of the frame and two wheels on the side of the frame, with a total of four wheels, the case can easily be pulled and moved in every direction. You can easily pass through narrow places such as ticket gates or parking lots or even through crowded places quite comfortably. It’s nice and lightweight, which means you can enjoy your tour comfortably with your large board. It’s also got plenty of storage space where you can put in various things like boots, snow wear, extra clothes for changing and other indispensable goods you need for snow travel as well! There is also an additional strap for storing skis.When it’s not in use, you canmake it compact! It can actually fit inside a locker.You can store this many things!Comfortable even when walking on steps!To give a luxurious feeling, leather like material with intrecciato technique is used for this case!!Can be easily moved vertically through a narrow passage!!A new revolutionary mechanismA board case with "FOUR WHEELS”!!Foldable!!Shoulder belt with large-scale pad and durable metallic parts(Patent Registration No. 12609633 detachable bags where youcan store your boots andother accessories!Storage space with fastener. Ideal for storing gear.Spread the case by opening the fastener!Bend it in away that thenose portionwill t insidethe tail portion!Now close the fastener!Fixed strap to put skis as well!!It has a pocket.handle①②③④Storage space with fastener. Total Four Wheels!way that thewill t insidethe tail portion!3 detachable bags where youWhen it’s not in use, you canmake it It can actually fit inside a GoverticallyGo easy with 4 wheels!GosidewaysOnshoulderEasy hold carriage(Patent Registration No. 1260963)4WAY StyleSNOW BOARDSKI3 detachable bags where youcan store your boots and3 detachable bags where youcan store your boots andcan store your boots and3 detachable bags where you3 detachable bags where you