yuki-ita YOROI DIGITAL CATALOG english edition

50Convenient!Large capacity!!ROLL PASS CASEB480 size :FREEPass case with zipped coin pocket inside.You may hang it with a carabiner or roll it through your goggles.Pass case that can be rolled around the gogglesConvenientcarabinerGood to use as a key chain.11.5㎝18㎝MIXCHKBLKGRYLEOBLKSTPLIMEDOTBLKDOTSCTPNKSCTBLUBLKCHKMesh Boots BagⅡMesh Boots Bag Ⅱ KIDSBoots up to 30cm in length can be stored! We have used a mesh material at the top. It evaporates moisture from boots and helps boots dry quickly!Available in Juniors and Ladies sizesThick waterproof nylon materialMesh fabricsIt evaporates moisture from boots and helps boots to dry quickly!Easy-to-carry with handle!You can just fold it up and make it compact, when you’re not using it!Easy-to-use drawstringMesh fabricsSki boots can also be stored comfortably.W CAMOW CAMOG CAMOG CAMOMIXCHKMIXCHKBLKCHKBLKCHKSCTBLUSCTBLUBLKBLKBLKDOTBLKDOTSCTPNKSCTPNKSTPLEOLEOB359 Color:BLK / W.CAMO/ G.CAMO/ MIX.CHK / BLK.CHK BLKDOT / SCTBLU / SCTPNK / LEO size : 36×26×height30㎝ (Height is 43cm including mesh part)B358 color:BLK / W CAMO/ G CAMO/ MIXCHK / BLKCHK / BLKDOT / SCTBLU / SCTPNK / LEO/STP Large capacity!!be stored comfortably.drawstringyou’re not using it!