yuki-ita YOROI DIGITAL CATALOG english edition

51yoroi-blp 2014-2015 catalogblp PASS CASEHAPPY PASS CASEB465 size :FREESMART TOUCH CASEB485 Clear pocket inner dimensions: W 85mm × H 150mmYou can use it even if itʼs in case! It can also be used as a pass case!Easy ON over glove, wetsuit material pass case!Colorful lens cloth included!Always keep your vision clear on the slopes!* You can operate your touch panel and can make or receive calls from outside of the case.* As it’s full size, almost all smartphones with their covers can be put inside of it.* As it is made of wetsuit material, it is water resistant. (However since water may enter from the seam, it is not completely waterproof)* You can protect your smartphones from dust and scratches,and you can carry it anywhere by hanging it to a bag or wear with a carabiner.* It is convenient as you can store your earphones in your back pocket.* On the slopes you can use it as a pass case, and for everyday use you can use it as a smartphone case.* As it has an earphone cord hole inside, you can also use your earphones easily.* The clear part is made from TPU material, which is an environmentally friendly material.Operation of the touch panel is also possible outside of the cover!!Big pocket!!Convenient for earphone storage!!You can take out the cloth and wipeyour goggles really quickly!Lens cloth stored inside!Greater variationin color. Availablein 17 colors!!Cord holei-PHONEGALAXYRound shaped carabinerLens cloth stored inside!GRYGRNG.CAMOLEOW.CAMOBLKBLUEPINKMIXCHKBLKDOTPNKDOTLIMEDOTSCTBLUBLKSTPBLKCHKORGSTPNJBG.CAMOW.CAMOPNKSTPPNKSTPBLKSTPD.CHKSCTPNKOf course it’s for i-PHONE, but it can be used for a GALAXY mobile too!!