yuki-ita YOROI DIGITAL CATALOG english edition

52The board is easy to put away and take out due to the excellent storage method.FOR FREESTYLE BOARD GUARD HOLY ⅡBOARD GUARD HOLY “α”BOARD COVER HOLYHAMMER FREE SOLE GUARDPatented side slide system (Patent No. 1353601) stores your board very easily. High quality 3mm wetsuit material with small vent holes ventilates air smoothly, drying quickly. The permeability of air in the case improves dramatically with the highest class neoprene, achieving rapid drying. With less use of plastic and metal ttings in the case, you can pile up many boards without scratching.The sole guard has an innovative storage system, in which you can put in your board and take it out easily. The board edges can also be covered completely. It is made from high quality 3mm wetsuit material with a front and back strap and shoulder belt, which are also included. In addition to this, the delta strap method is used which doesn’t place an excessive burden on the sole guard.An excellent sole guard, which doesn’t use plastic parts. Excellent ventilation through holy tarp.Innovative BOARD GUARD is made from wetsuit material, which is highly breathable!Foldable and stored compactly when not in use.The used parts enable the stacking of multiple boards without scratches!Central mesh double pocketInnovative BOARD GUARD withmoisture wicking wetsuit material!Free style and specially made for hammerheadSide slide systemSide slide systemWetsuit material shoulder pad(It is the same color as the board guard!)Wetsuit material shoulder pad(It is the same color as the board guard!)[Delta Strap]Sole guard becomes stress free[Delta Strap]Sole guard becomes stress free■ Ventilation increasesSide slide systemWetsuit material is highly breathableThere are a number of vents to CR rubber and it is stuck to the lining with super stretch material.(PAT.NO 1353601)B332Ⅱsize : M・138~153㎝ L・153~173㎝ B333Ⅱ size : M・138~153㎝ L・153~173㎝ B320H  size : M・138~153㎝ L・153~173㎝ B323 size : FREE・151~169㎝ WaterdropWaterdropBoth sides of nose and tail are guarded with nylon!!Use of plastic is minimized!"Double edge guard"BLKMIXCHKW CAMOBLK.DOTSCT.BLUSole guardPPLDOTBLKDOTBW.CHKBLKMOKUguard!)BLKNEW