yuki-ita YOROI DIGITAL CATALOG english edition

56TUNE UP ITEMSOne-Year WarrantyTUNE UP APRONWAX SETTUNE UP BAGSWaxing IronHAYATE SNOW WAXCHIP WAX BASEB640B950 WAX SET (8 items)B949size:150×250×150mmcolor:BLK / W CAMO / REDB592 size:110×170×110mm HB07 BASE WAX(70g)HB09 SNOW WAX(70g)HB55 GRF WAX(70g)Product NameBrandIronblpBASEWAXHAYATEScraperNO NAMENylon BrushblpCork NblpA set of 10 sheetsblpTune up glovesNO NAMEWax bagblpEasy grip shape allows you wax smoothly. The temperature control can go from 100°C to 160°C if needed.-5°C to10°C-7°C to 10°C-7°C to 7°CThis WAX is made by combining high fluorine and special silicon, which delivers super gliding performance in all snow conditions.This is a WAX, which can bring durability to your board and increases your performance just by applying as a base gliding WAX.This WAX is made up of fluorine compounds, which delivers super gliding performance in all snow conditions and temperatures.Easy to use granular hot wax!!B959W(350g)B960W(1kg business use)BASEGlidingGlidingFluorineFluorineSilicon