yuki-ita YOROI DIGITAL CATALOG english edition

57yoroi-blp 2014-2015 catalogNylon BrushCork NCork MDCork FScraper CRScraper MDScraper DLHorse Hair BrushBOA BrushBronze BrushRepair P-TEXFinishing Cloth SetEdge Sharpener MiniWaxing PaperB905N size : 120×75mmHeight :23mm Brush length:15mmB931Nsize : 90×65×35mmB931Msize : 130×45×35mmB933Fsize : 120×55×45mmB940C color:CLRsize : 150×50×4mmB941C color:CLRsize : 250×50×4mmB945D color:CLRsize : 150×50×4mmB901M size : 120×75mmHeight :23mm Brush length:10mmB903B size : 120×75mmHeight :23mm Brush length:10mmB904B size : 120×75mmHeight :23mm Brush length:10mmB982B926Hsize:145×100mm thickness 8mmB813size : 60×55×23mmsize : 250×148mmB958 25 sheetsPrice¥350B958G 100 sheets・business useHigh exibility nylon is used. It has the ideal size for use.High quality cork, cut in an ideal size, enabling smooth waxing.Made with the easiness of natural cork in mind.High quality cork attached with felt fabric for the nishing touch.4mm typeEasy to use wide grip. Available in 4mm type.4mm type with cut upper end for easy grip.High quality horsehair is used. It has the ideal size for use.Good quality BOA is used. The best brush to tune up a snowboard.Carefully selected bronze is used. It is perfect for delicate structure.It is an essential item for board repair.A two-piece set of color ber cloths. Used for the nal nishing touch up.With this you can adjust the angle of your board edge to 88° and 90°.Use of high-quality non-woven fabric.with casewith casewith casewith casewith casewith casewith case