yuki-ita YOROI DIGITAL CATALOG english edition

58KNIT SKI BANDSKI BANDBLS004 size :FREEB830 size :FREEMIX.CHKINDYNATIVEBLKNRDSCTPNKSCTBLUD.CHKLEOSCT.BLU(Scott Blue)MIX.CHK(Mixed Checks)BLK(Black)ORG.STP(Orange Stripe)SCT.PINK(Scott Pink)W.CAMO(White CAMO)SKI ITMESSKI SOLE GUARDB385 size :S(145-158)・M(160-173)・L(185-195GS) color : ORGSTP・BLK・MIXCHK・SCT.BLU・SCT.PNK・W.CAMOTail guard protects the tail!!Nose guard to protect the nose!!Double edge guard to protect the edge!!Removable shoulder belt with pad.Ski stocks can be fastened by wrapping them with the Velcro band!The most suitable ski band to carry skis! It has a colorful grip that’s never been made before. Even though it’s small, it’s eye-catching, with a great fashionable pattern.Ski bands using knit material.Ski bands using wetsuit material.Applicable board width approximately 9cm to 12.5cmApplicable board width approximately 9cm to 12.5cm2pcs set2pcs setThis is a popular sole guard specially designed for skiing, which consists of one set of two pieces. It’s incredibly easy to mount as skis can be put on one by one. It rmly protects the board, as the wetsuit material is great for elasticity and is easy to handle. Additionally the most important edge round is completely guarded! Everything can be stored together and the shoulder belt can also be removed. As it is made from wetsuit material, if it gets dirty, it’s also possible to wash. You can wash it immediately and it dries really fast too, which is a great added bonus. More color variations added.INDYNATIVEBLKNRDMIX.CHKSCTPNKSCTBLUD.CHKLEOApplicable board width approximately 9cm to 12.5cmNEW