yuki-ita YOROI DIGITAL CATALOG english edition

59yoroi-blp 2014-2015 catalogSKI CASESKI CASE MINI&JRFAT SKI SOLE GUARDB388 size :S(140-155cm)・M(155-173cm) color : BLK・MIXCHK・SCT.PNK・SCT.BLU・G.CAMO・W.CAMOB370 size :S(100-120cm)・M(120-140cm) color : BLKCHK・SCT.PNK・SCT.BLUB386 size :175-190cm color : BLK・W.CAMOEasy-to-use drawstring type!!It has a double guard from snow, by using a marginal cloth on the inside.Ski stocks can also be stored together.Lining is also black.Ski stocks can also be put together.As the rope has a smalllock, it can be tied compactly.A marginal cloth that protects skis from snowA lining with vivid colors and packing is enjoyable.Perfect for short skis or junior size skis.SCT.BLU(Scott blue)SCT.BLU(Scott blue)BLK.CHK(Black check)G.CAMO(Green CAMO)W.CAMO(White CAMO)W.CAMO(White CAMO)MIX.CHK(Mix check)SCT.PINK(Scott pink)SCT.PINK(Scott pink)BLK(Black)BLK(Black)This is a case used exclusively for skis!! Sturdy, lightweight and waterproof, made from 210-denier nylon that is used on both sides.This case is exclusively made for wide style skis!You can put them on one by one. It has a detachable shoulder strap.Nose width up to 14.5cmIt can be shipped to a ski resort as it is!!Pocket for accessories!The base is made of wetsuit material and honeycomb material that protects the board from shock when placed on the ground.Easy to put in and take out of your snowboard with large open zipper!Clear pocket to put the shipping label and business card in (also useful to put warranty card in!)BLK.CHK(Black check)NEW