yuki-ita YOROI DIGITAL CATALOG english edition

60Double Pocket Car Seat Cover3Way Car Seat CoverWB21 size :FREEWB30 size :FREE For a comfortable and convenient snow drive!Cover made with luxury wetsuit material that ts any type of car seat.With pockets on the left and right to keep small things, this is super convenientExcellent fit as it is made from wetsuit material!You won’t mind dirty or wet seats!The same color as the matSame color as the matSupports any type of car!Easy to remove and install, and it keeps its shapeFits any kind of seat as the rubber is on back of the head cover!!On the back, it can be t by a big buckle with just one touch!!You can store drinks, mobiles, sunglasses, parking tickets or any other small items.High quality wetsuit material is used, so it ts perfectly to the seat without slipping. Jersey material will stick on the front surface. The back has a soft rubber material so won’t slip.It’s ok to get into the car even with snow sticking to you or with wet clothing, as it’s easy to clean.A 60 × 60cm mat is also included. Area below feet can also be kept clean.A 60 × 60cm mat is also included. Area below feet can be kept clean.It is possible to fit to front seat of any type of car. Even if the seat belt hook is cut with scissors, it won’t come loose. It can be customized.You can remove and fasten the rubber belt with the buckle, which wraps around the entire seat. You don’t need to worry about dislocation when getting in or out of the car.55㎝126㎝150㎝(1) Fold back(2) Attach with Velcro(3) Easy mounting by putting on headThere is a Velcro tape on the back.BLKWカモW CAMOGカモG CAMOSCT.BLUSCT.PNKSTPBLK.CHKBLK.DOTBLK.CHKBLK.DOTBLKMIX.CHKNJBPOPCHKPOPCHKSTPBLK.COMBICAR SEAT COVERPatent Registration NO.3131455Side pockets on both sidesPOINT❶POINT❷Can be put vertically on rear seatCan be put horizontally on rear seatPatent Registration NO.3131276Driver’s seat or passenger seat.Feature1Feature 2Feature 3Feature 4Feature 5Feature 6NJBWカモGカモBLK.CHKBLK.DOTBLKSTPPOPCHKSCT.PNKSCT.BLUBLK.COMBIMIX.CHK