yuki-ita YOROI DIGITAL CATALOG english edition

63yoroi-blp 2014-2015 catalogNJBBLKDOTYou can use as jewelry box at your trip.Also for TABLET PCGood for goggle case!You can enjoy by many way.CLUTCH CLOTHCLUTCH CLOTH S▲▲▲▲This item is a variation of "Furoshiki" which are loved from old times. It is designed in a pop pattern with the wet suit material. Using a velcro button, it can secure your valuables tightly, in some easy actions. You can carry it smartly like a clutch bag, when you wrap it. It has the function of the shock absorption with the material of a wet suit and the thickness of 3mm, so that it is good for cameras or tablet PCs. It is also suitable for wrapping travel souvenirs! The e ciency of keeping warm or cool is outstanding. With a pocket which contains a cooler bag and so on, it is most suitable for the wrapping of a lunch box.Liner: Lens cleaner clothIt mitigate impact shock for your goggles, sunglass, tablet PC !WET SUIT MATERIAL is di cult to become dirty.strong in moisture. Quick dry.Strong shock absorptionKeep Warm and CoolPatent No.1492108PE264  Material: SBR (synthetic rubber)size:450x450mmPE264S  Material: SBR (synthetic rubber)size:335x335mmCompletedBLK.COMBIMASH.CAMOTRY.CHKNJBPNK.DOT★For tablet PCs★For single len re ex cameras★Suit for winesAfter that just fold itat four corners andwrap it. It's so easy!Cooler bag attachmentfor advanced blue icecooling in the center.Further more, put anythingyou want to keep cool in it and carry it in the pocket.●●▲▲▲▲≪BOX≫▲▲●▲≪CLUTCH BAG A≫You can wrap note PC with 2 piece!!≪Use 2 piece≫You can wrap note PC with 2 piece!!NJBAlso for TABLET PCBLKDOTLens ClothSBR