yuki-ita YOROI DIGITAL CATALOG english edition

65yoroi-blp 2014-2015 catalog31"×7.5"31"×7.625"31"×7.75"31"×8"33"×10"32"×8.75"31"×9.5"30"×9.5"36"×8.75"ABS helmet54×33㎜52×32㎜TRUCK 5"BISS SET for SHORTBEARINGRiser padsBUSH SETAxel nuts & S.ringsTriangle PADT - TOOLBISS SET for LONGDECK TAPE SHORTDECK TAPE LONGTRUCK 6" ,TRUCK 6.5”TRUCK 6" ,TRUCK 7”71×51㎜68×57㎜65×36㎜59×43㎜Tri Pack ProtectorJunior Tri Pack Protector30"×10"29.5"×10"27.5"×7"SHORT DECKSURF SKATE DECKSKATE PROTECTORSKATE WHEELSKATE DACK TAPESKATE TRUCKWAVER TRUCKOLD SCHOOL DECK7PLY  Full Canadian Maple Deck7PLY  Full Canadian Maple DeckIt have the stability and the feeling of speed andCarving truck for the surf speci cation skate. Most suitable for the downhill slalom !for Knee,Elbow,Wrist for Junior!for Knee,Elbow,Wrist!CE approvalShell:Abs resinCushon Pad: EVA materialSHR85A 80% REBOUND BLSCK COREraw nishBUSH : HR95A Black Cushion7/8inch4㎜2 pcs/setC.BLKHR95A BLK CUSHIONupper: 18㎜ /25㎜lower: Diameter 25㎜ hole: Diameter9.5㎜8-14㎜2 pcs/setC.BLKFor One SkateboardNuts4pcsRings 8pcs/packABEC7For One Skateboard(8pcs/pack)ABEC5 For One Skateboard(8pcs/pack)38mmwih Hexagonal wrench1inch33"×9"(84×23㎝)38"×11"(96.5×28㎝)BUSH : HR90A Red CushionSHR78A WHEELSHR78A WHEELSHR78A WHEELSHR78A WHEEL100A WHEEL4pcs/pack4pcs/pack4pcs/pack4pcs/pack4pcs/pack4pcs/pack7PLY  Full Canadian Maple Deck