yuki-ita YOROI DIGITAL CATALOG english edition

67yoroi-blp 2014-2015 catalogKNEE STABI GEARWAKE SOLEGUARD AIRWAKE SOLEGUARD ADGR9GR10center width:42㎝nose and tail width: 37㎝center width:42㎝nose and tail width: 37㎝About Color valiation,Feel freeto contact us.About Color valiation,Feel freeto contact us.( Standard type )( belt with hard pad )W Hinge stabilizerThe hinge adoption which doesn't disturb a movement of the knee.Stabilizer maintenance belt3mm WET SUIT MATERIAL (Stabilizer protective material)Stabilizer padimpactstabilizerA stabilizer on both sides makes the bend of the knee by an impact minimal and protects.size : S / M / L / XLcolor : BLK / BLKSTP / W.CAMO / LEO / MIXCHKM:125~136㎝L:136~146㎝FREE:132~146㎝size : S / M / L / XLcolor : BLK / BLKSTP / W.CAMO / LEO / MIXCHKIt guard your lateral collateral ligament with the hinged stabilizer.At the bottom of the knee, is equipped with a U-shaped pad to guard the cruciate ligament.To protect the ligaments in the 3nd BELT, to prevent the displacement of the body.Hinge removable.Sturdy plastic hinge is setted on both sides.Made from spesila wetsuitmaterila with many small hole,Very breathable and Quick Dry!Mr.Go Ueda (ProSkater)use GR9!Impact absorption Padsize (㎝)(around of knee)S:28~33M:33~38L:38~43XL:43~48WAKE SOLEGUARD AIRPut into your board in the tailposition.Raise the handle hook of caseswith a one of the nose.Slide the board towards the case.Put the strap and nish!SIDE SLIDESYSTEM1243FINISH!▲▲▲▲