yuki-ita YOROI DIGITAL CATALOG english edition

68Spandex CR is very stretchy and it does not feel the stress,and the liner fabric is very soft and comfortable!!It's easy to move, so it's di cult to get tired!wrap FULL SUITSwrap C-GULLwrap LONG SPRINGWe also line up for LADY'S. Feel free to contact us.size : S / M / ML / L / XLcolor : BLK×BLK BLK×W.CAMO BLK×GRYALL 3mmALL 3mmALL 3mmsize : S / M / L / XLcolor : BLK×BLK / BLK×W.CAMOsize : S / M / L / XLcolor : BLK×BLK / BLK×W.CAMOWide zipper liner!High quality Sewing.Made from Very stretchy CR!WATERPROOFING TAPE(For Hip and inner thigh)149~155156~163162~170176~180181~185160~168172~177166~17377~8184~8865~7081~8584~8986~9089~9495~9870~7572~7676~8080~8688~9390~9594~9898~10358~6182~8560~6463~6880~8589~9485~8984~89MEN’S SIZE CHARTSMMLLHeightChestWaistHipXLLADY’S SIZE CHART