yuki-ita YOROI DIGITAL CATALOG english edition

7yoroi-blp 2014-2015catalogThe special honeycomb mesh that we use is a modern day version of the ultra-lightweight mail, often called chainmail. In YUKI-ITA YOROI®, chainmail is reproduced with a special honeycomb mesh and it protects people by dispersing the shock from the point of impact to the surface. In addition, there is a layer of air in the ber which regulates the body temperature, just like breathing does. In other words, it will regulate your temperature based on the weather outside. If for example it is hot, it will radiate the heat, and if it is cold it will accumulate the heat, so your body temperature is always just right based on the conditions. There are two types; one, which is 4.5mm thick, and the other is 2.5mm thick. The 2.5mm thick option mainly ful lls the thermoregulatory function. It is made of polyester.What is Chainmail?Even though the armor made from chains has its origins are with the ancient Celts, it is still used in all countries throughout the world. It is said that even the Ninja and Shinsengumi wore it. In Japan, when wearing under clothing, it is said that “wearing extra clothes”, so it can be worn like a dress, even in modern days, it has been found to be useful. After all, exibility in moving and a high level of protection are important features.▲Special honeycomb mesh▲Chainmail armor■Hardness Comparison of MaterialHard10-14°C12-18°C15-20°C40-50°CMold PadLow ReboundTitanium MaterialEVA MaterialWedge Shaped PadWetsuit MaterialSpecial Honeycomb MeshThis material was developed based on space development technology.● It has an open cell structure (hollow cell): This depends on the acceleration of the body pressure, just like breathing air goes in and out. It has excellent ventilation and you can use it throughout the year.● Body-pressure dispersion: It changes shape in line with the body temperature and body pressure. It has a great feature which disperses the pressure in a way that there is no pressure only at a single point. It changes slowly as per the body shape, so that you will be relaxed and comfortable.The titanium material is extremely lightweight and is made from the high-quality made-in-japan raw material, which is highly durable and has good heat retention properties. The surface is made from 100% TITAN (titanium) material through a sputtering process. Titanium is used for the upper body mesh shape that has excellent breathability; also, titanium is used for the pants, and the wrists are a slightly raised soft fabric to avoid an uncomfortable feeling.Nitrile rubber (NBR) is a material, which is generally used in making aircrafts and automobiles, which has high durability and excellent water resistance. This material is very soft, even in extremely low temperatures. It also has excellent shock absorbing functions and it feels wonderfully soft to the touch.This material has excellent strength and stretch, which is also the material used for wetsuits. A draping process, rounding and 3D processing is also possible, so it ts the body perfectly. It is also used for computer cases. Other than its shock reducing quality, it is washable, and stretches easily amongst other things. In the sporting world it has been said that this is an excellent material.EVA is molded to t to the body shape so that it ts exibly and it has the function to moderate shock from the outside. There are a total of four types of hardness, the soft BR pad (bright pad), hard HD pad (hard pad), semi-hard NJ pad (Ninja pad), which has mid-level hardness when compared to that of the hard pad and soft pad, and HI pad (high pad), which feels like hard plastic.The hardness is adjusted by applying the appropriate amount of pressure during the molding process and with the material being used. Depending on the model, the various types of pads are available, and you can choose which model you want based on your preferences. In addition, there is a wedge-shaped pad, and due to its shape, it prevents the pad from being displaced and coming out. It’s a highly durable material.NBR MaterialProtection Tailored to PartBy placing this variety of materials to various pivotal points, such as the chest, back, shoulders and thighs etc., and by adjusting the hardness and thickness, as per the shock, it gives more e ective protection as well as easy movement.This is an extremely soft and flexible material with excellent shock absorption qualities. It is lightweight and it doesn’t deteriorate with wind, rain and even if it’s exposed to ultra-violet rays; therefore it’s a highly durable material. EVA resin is free of chlorine, which is the same as polyethylene. Amazingly, even if it’s incinerated it doesn’t generate dioxin; so it’s a completely environmentally friendly material. It can also withstand low-temperatures really well, as it doesn’t become hard, so is perfect for cold climates. By molding, the hardness can be adjusted.By processing the mold pad in the form of wedge shape, it prevents the cloth from being displaced and being raised out at the time of wearing it.KUSABI