yuki-ita YOROI DIGITAL CATALOG english edition

8Trunk Support DesignConsideration for the EnvironmentIt rmly supports the trunk as youʼre able to tighten the waist belt to fit properly. By keeping the correct posture, the ow of neurotransmission force is expected which in turn increases safety.As these sports are all about nature, we think about the environment too.Considering the performance aspect and the cost aspect, to have completely environmentally friendly material is quite a challenge. However, we mostly use a material, which generally doesn’t generate dioxin. Most of the material of YOROI protector is made up of plastic bers and there is a slight emission of dioxin during the combustion process at disposal facilities.A special featured ber, S.Cafe is used, made by recycling the remains of co ee after dripping, in some of the YOROI series like OH-YOROI series.● Board part, honeycomb mesh part: Even after the incineration of PE (polyester), it doesn’t generate dioxin.● Mold pad part: EVA material has excellent ozone resistance, climate resistance and heat resistance. It also has high recycling efficiency and dioxin doesn’t occur even after it’s burned as waste. This is an extremely eco-friendly material to the global environment.● Low rebound: Polyurethane, derived from crude oil, is utilized for various purposes. When it becomes waste, it is utilized e ectively and used as an energy source. It’s nitrogen contents are also less than to the natural products such as silk, wool, when compared and even the generation of toxic gas, if burned at appropriate facilities and in the right conditions, is far less than the natural products.● Super stretch part:It is also the same material as polyurethane, which generates a very small amount of toxic gas during combustion, at the processing facilities.In the process of coffee roasting, even without performing any special after-processes, due to changes in the chemical structure, naturally this material has functions like sweat absorption, quick drying, deodorization and UV-cut. It is a completely new environmentally friendly fiber with high functionality. Besides this, it is also manufactured in the factory, which has acquired the BLUESIGN® authorization, which states that the manufacturing process of coffee fiber is environmentally and people friendly. As the beans, which should be discarded after use, are reused and recycled for the cloth by using a special technology, this makes it an extremely environmentally friendly material.It is a special feature fiber made from recycling co ee remains after dripping.Excellent sweat absorption and quick drying propertiesThe moisture discharged from the skin is quickly dispersed and the speedy drying of the skin surface is possible. Even after washing and long-term use the quality stays the same.Odor controlCo ee grounds in bers absorb body odors and in the process of washing, it releases the absorbed odor. This e ect is long lasting.BY RECYCLING COFFEE WASTERecycle Co ee FabricStrong and ultra-lightweight!Double Arm Strap SystemRecovery Hook SystemWith the name YOROI (armor), you would naturally think of something heavy, but actually it is very lightweight, and the YOROI HD jacket weighs only 1180g. It is almost the same weight as a thin cotton-wading jacket. If you wear it, you’ll be able to feel how light it is.The strap is provided to position above and below the elbow, so you can keep the pad position in a fixed state. In addition, by stimulation of the strap, instantaneous force to the arm can be expected.(Patent Registration Number: 1205648)A convenient hook that pulls the displaced snow wear in place is provided. The hooks are located, in the case of the jacket, at the front lower portion below the sleeves and in the case of the pants; they are situated at both sides around the waist.Jacket (M size)Pants (M size)What is trunk?Trunk is a generic name for muscles that stabilize the axis of body. These muscles exclude the head, hands and legs. The trunk includes the backbone, which controls the movement of many muscles. It is an important part of the body, which controls most of the functions. The trunk muscles are mainly divided into two parts, front trunk muscles including the abdominal rectus muscle, transverse abdominal muscle, oblique abdominal muscle and greater pectoral muscle, and back trunk muscles, including the back muscles, erector muscle of spine and trapezius muscles. The state is referred to as abdominal pressure in which these muscles work and take pressure on the abdominal cavity. They also stabilize the internal movement, and you can maintain the natural curve of the spine. If the trunk is stable, legs and hands can be used to balance the body and due to this you will be less likely to get injured. Ultimately it leads to increased performance. These muscles are not just important to athletes, but to regular people too. If they strengthen their trunk muscles properly, it can lead to the prevention of lower back pain, and can also be useful to prevent unexpected injuries.A good fitting wide belt from YUKI-ITA YOROI® protector series is made up of wetsuit material. It stabilizes the trunk by increasing abdominal pressure and assisting these abdominal muscles to work at their best. You can say that, when the belt is tightened and one puts in all his spirit, it leads to the samurai spirit.