yuki-ita YOROI DIGITAL CATALOG english edition

9yoroi-blp 2014-2015catalogWomen’s modelCyborg free customization systemFor kids and juniorsGrow-up systemThis is a model for aggressive women riders, which has specially made cuttings and pads in order to t the female body perfectly.The request for products for kids and juniors has been increasing every year. Globally, wearing a protector is now becoming the norm. For precious kids, we came up with these great products by considering various points.When kids are growing up, rst they grow taller and then they fill out. By considering these characteristics of growing kids, we’ve created a revolutionary system, in which just by a recombination of the joint parts, it will always t perfectly to the bodies of growing kids.* Utility Model Registration No. 3149896SODEPANTSTAILStorage bagDepending on the model, a PU bag for storage is also provided. You can use it when you go out for a trip or also store it at home.Ayako KamataYou can also wash YUKI-ITA YOROI® protectors at home. Using the washing net, which is provided with the product, wash it in the washing machine on a hand-wash cycle. You should handle the protector carefully, as shown below. Careful handling will mean that you will be able to use the product for longer.We recommend that you use a natural detergent such as Emal or Acron. Please do not use bleach, as it may cause yellowing of the fabric or even cause damage to material.Basically hand washing is recommended, but you may also wash it with a slow water ow using the net. When you wash in the washing machine, rather than washing it with lots of other garments, we recommend that you should wash it alone and put it in the net.Nowadays drum-type washing machines with dryer functions are more popular, but do not dry the product in the dryer.Mostly our protectors are made from polyurethane or synthetic rubber material to improve the elasticity; a basic aspect to dry it in a well-ventilated room or to dry it naturally in the shade.Due to the high heat of dryers, it may cause damage to the protectors, such as the polyurethane ber and rubber parts become hard or the fabric may even shrink etc.(1) Take a bucket containing warm water around 30oC with the right amount of detergent and whisk.(2) Soak it completely in the soapy water and gently wash it by rubbing it.(3) After rubbing, wash it again and remove the dirt gently with the foam of the detergent solution, especially the collar and sides, and particularly the parts where you perspire.(4) Finally, after rubbing it again and washing it several times, drain the water by pressing the protector.(1) Pour warm water in a bucket and rub it several times and wash o the detergent. Rinse the protector several times and then by folding the protector, gently drain the water.(2) Put the rinsed protector in the net bag and then place it in the washing machine and drain the water gently for about 30 seconds to 1 minute. Please drain o the water from the rinsed protector as soon as possible.(3) After spinning, take it out of the washing machine, smooth out the wrinkles and return it to its original shape.Put the jacket and pants on hangers, and dry in a well-ventilated room.When drying, do not use a dryer, let it dry naturally.The key of washing is not to damage the ber.If you wash your protectors as instructed, and considering the special features of the delicate material, you’ll be able to use it for years to come.Point 1Point 2Point 3Point 4● How to choose a detergent● Caution when washing in a washing machine● Do not use a dryer● How to wash your product by hand● SummaryWashingRinse and spinHow to dryHOW TO WASHYUKI-ITA YOROI® protectors are extremely clean as even if you perspire, you can wash it by hand. In addition to this, a protective net for laundry is also provided, so that you can also use it in the washing machine on a hand-wash cycle. After washing, it needs to be dried in the shade.We have adopted a free customization system i.e. a cyborg alpha series, which can be customized to fit the body shape and the exercise routines of riders. It is a revolutionary system where the position of all the pads can be freely adjusted. In the case of the jacket, the shoulder pads, the upper arms, elbows, and spine, and in the case of the pants, pads at the center, hip, side and knees, can all be changed.(Utility model registration No. 3149896)Washable clean protectors