2015-16 yoroi-blp

14大鎧POWEREri Yanetani★Improved pad placement area★Use of ultra-deodorant and ultra-sweat-absorbent and quick drying spandex fabric manufactured in Japan★Longer length helps the torso belt to t rmly on the hip★With shock absorption intact, ventilation is improved by opening a myriad of small holes in the pad body and PE board★Mold pad is lighter in weight and has improved ventilation properties due to its surface being made from a mesh materialOH-YOROIBased on the concept "The whole inner layer acting as a protector", the Japanese traditional armor “YOROI” was revived for the modern world. Special honeycomb not only absorbs shock but also adjusts the body temperature in order to breathe. It is ultra-lightweight, comfortable to wear and has good cutting for easy movements. A system with patent acquisition is now on board. The whole OH-YOROI series has joint function and it also corresponds to more active movements. Products of real intention are gathered here!*Patent Registration No. 1221420Nobunaga Oda, who was said to be a great soldier, was performing "Atsumori" in Noh play always right before the battle. It is said that he was breathing with his core muscles in his body and by controlling his mind, he gained his victories.column Japanese Spirit of Harmony