2015-16 yoroi-blp

17yoroi-blp 2015-16 catalog大鎧POWER LONG PANTS 大鎧POWER SHORT PANTSYR 521 size : W, M, L, XL color : BLK YR 516 size : W,M, L, XL color : BLKThe detachable trunk support belt passes to the bottom of the center pad and prevents displacement.大鎧ELBOW PROTECTOR“TITAN”大鎧KNEE PROTECTOR“TITAN”YR 552 size : FREE color : BLKYR 551  size : FREE・W-S color : BLK Detachable trunk support belt is provided at the bottom of the hip pad center portion. Awareness of the trunk improves the sense of balance and concentration.ELBOWKNEE FREE SIZE W-S SIZEThe detachable trunk support beltMold center hip pad that is widerMold center hip pad that is widerDeodorizes the 4 types of bad odorsammonia(One of the components found in raw sewage odor and perspiration)hydrogen suldeManure odorisovaleric acidFoot odor, microbial degradation of perspirationacetic acidMicrobial degradation of perspirationOH-YOROI JOINT SYSTEMThis is an extremely convenientsystem only for OH-YOROI type,which joins the jacket and pantseasily with the parts provided.Even with movement it can’t getseparated. Both the jacket and the pants have these parts.Titanium ber is used in theligament guard portion!Available in 2 SIZES: W-S, FREEThe turtle shell mold pad wraps around the elbow and knee.The magic body (with Velcro) can t most body types.Titanium ber is used to protect the ligaments. Heatretainingproperties are also excellent.