2015-16 yoroi-blp

20 鎧SERIES Shinichi WatanabeImproved power performance with an ultra-lightweight protector, which has excellent ventilation, impact cushioning and exibility!Not just for Winter, but for hot Summers too! Made for all sports to protect the body from shock during the action!column Japanese Spirit of HarmonyMesh GuardFabric (HD only)PE-HARD-BOARD(Center Pad only)Pressure-relieving Material PadSpecial Honeycomb Mesh(Polyester shock absorption fabric)Soft Inner FabricImpact ImageMold Pad (EVA)There is a myriad of ventilation holes in the mold pad, which makes it a structure that doesn't become stuy.Light-weight mold padwith good ventilation absorptionIMPACTIn 'The Book of Five Rings' written by Musashi Miyamoto, an expert Japanese swordsman, there is a phrase, which means, "To thrust a chin forward". In this instance chin actually means the lower jaw, and the angle of it if we put an imaginary line connecting the earhole and the nose hole parallel to the ground. In Kendo, which is the Japanese art of fencing, it is said that you should look at your opponent as if you are looking at a distant mountain. This look considering the angle of the face as a base is called a distant mountain look, or Enzan look. Even in racing, when you look beyond your goal in this way, it is possible to run through and reach your goal without exerting much strength. Moreover, there is a paragraph which says "Make your eyes slightly narrower than usual and look in a relaxed way. You should make your eyes of vision strong and the actual looking eyes weak" in "The Book of Water". Here "Eyes of vision" means a Japanese spirit of mind. Although the ability of recognizing a fast moving object is extremely important, it is better to say that there should be a strong ability of "visualization" rather than saying to have a high ability of moving the eyes faster. Look beyondthe opponent with "Eye of vision", as if you're looking at a distant mountain, and focus the mind's eye on the opponent's movement. As mentioned in 'The Book of Five Rings', it means, "To look at the surrounding as if looking into the distance". It is a look to focus the mind's eye on the same place where "The looking eye" focuses. This look identies what character is written there, what color it has and whether it is red or yellow…basically it is a look that mainly identies the eld of vision based on the color and shape i.e. the physical appearance. In snowboarding or skiing, when you are rotating at high-speed, the poles and ags approach at high speeds and if you try to look at each and every pole with "The looking eye", the rotation becomes slow as the poles and ags ahead of it become invisible. The "Eye of vision" should be strong enough to feel the surroundings and to bring a distant target into view while sliding.(Excerpt from "Proposal of the basic concepts related to functional improvement of YOROI", Professor Shingo Oda, Faculty of Health and Well-being, Kansai University)