2015-16 yoroi-blp

24 BACK PROTECTOR SERIESA minimal guard system with complete control of movement and magnicent tting was realized. For the back center, there is a BR pad, for the back sideways,there is a good cushioned wet material pad that has been designed, and for the inner side waist portion, three elastic bars are used. It rmly supports the waist and adjusts with the body movement smoothly, even in the case of signicant twisting of the body. The thick waist belt can be tightened as much as you want. YOROI BACK BONE GUARD “POWER”YR 562 size :S-M・M-L color : NJB/RED BACKBACKImproved power performance with an ultra-lightweight protector, which has excellent ventilation, impact cushioning and exibility!This season's BACK BONE model uses ultra-deodorant spandex fabric that is placed in the inner part easing perspiration.Elastic bar to support the lumbarIf you talk about the upper body protector, then many people assume that it is an exaggeration. But it’s not. To avoid the risk of injury, there is no other product that hassuch excellent safety features. "YOROI Backbone Guard " has a very hard pad and guards you from shock if you fall or collide. Moreover, due to its perfect fitting, there are no worries about the imbalance of dressing sense.(Sugiyama Ski School Principle)Built-in PEboard to thecenter2-level adjustableVelcro front strapSoft chest strap canbe stored into theshoulder beltDeodorizes the 4 types of bad odorsammonia(One of the components found in raw sewage odor and perspiration)hydrogen suldeManure odorisovaleric acidFoot odor, microbial degradation of perspirationacetic acidMicrobial degradation of perspirationcolumn Japanese Spirit of HarmonyIt is said that, Noh actor, even after growing older are able to jump high easily even without the approach-run.Japanese-style gestures such as sliding feet; walk etc. have a theory that it is the movement to train the trunk and pelvis accurately.