2015-16 yoroi-blp

25yoroi-blp 2015-16 catalog■Hardness Comparison of MaterialHard10-14°C12-18°C15-20°CYOROI TITAN BACK BONE “POWER”YR 861 size :W・S-M・M-L color : BLK・NJB BACKFRONTLiner fabric is R-CF with BLACK COLOR.Deodorizes the 4 types of bad odorsammonia(One of the components found in raw sewage odor and perspiration)hydrogen suldeManure odorisovaleric acidFoot odor, microbial degradation of perspirationacetic acidMicrobial degradation of perspirationThere is a myriad of ventilation holes in the mold pad, which makes it a structure that doesn't become stuy.Light-weight mold padwith good ventilation absorptionIMPACTMesh GuardFabric (HD only)PE-HARD-BOARD(Center Pad only)Pressure-relieving Material PadSpecial Honeycomb Mesh(Polyester shock absorption fabric)Soft Inner FabricImpact ImageMold Pad (EVA)2 types of Spinal Cord PadsAt the world championship of both, snow and ski competitions, the necessity for back protectors has started gaining more attention, with the realization that these are incredibly important.Both types are made by POWER PAD, and very comportable! Select the model you need based on your action scenes.This is the model, which came into existence after studying the trunk.It has a double power belt of mesh material designed to t the shape of the waist. It supports the performance of resisting injury, just by helping to maintain the correct posture without applying pressure on the abdomen. With just one touch, you can easily adjust the pressure, so it therefore increases the clamping force and stable force (it stabilizes the waist, at the time of riding). It is a perfectly safe protection as it has a multi-layer structure of YOROI Perfect Guard, which is used for the pack pad. Powerful supportwith double beltFirmly supports the trunk by tightening the waist belt.By keeping the correct posture, the ow of neurotransmission forcecan be expected and therefore it increases safety.