2015-16 yoroi-blp

32CYBORG-ALPHAIt is divided into four dierent parts including the shoulder, upper arm, elbow and the lower part of the spine. The waist belt can also be removed and all the parts can be shifted to dierent positions, so you are able to wear the pads in any position where it perfectly ts your body.All the 7 pads, including the three hip pads, two pelvis pads and two kneepads are made in such a way that you can remove or shift all of them, depending on your body shape and the type of clothes you are wearing. You can wear them in any position, where it ts best for you.Each particular piece has a part name written on it, so even if you remove all the parts, it is very easy to attach them again.All the four spinal cord pads including the three boomerang type pads and the one pyramid type pad can be replaced.It fits perfectly even when there is a twisting movement of the spinal cord.Velcro, with excellent flexibility, is stitched to the body where you mount the pad, so you can wear or remove a pad or even change the position easily.CYBORG ALPHA JACKET CYBORG ALPHA LONG CB450 size : S~M・L~XLcolor : NJB CB250 size : S~M・L~XLcolor : NJB As the front pads are built-in, you can remove them if necessary.