2015-16 yoroi-blp

33yoroi-blp 2015-16 catalog●Hip pad●Spinal cord boomerang padThickness of pad 23mmDouble layered EVA padNBR padNBR padPE boardPE boardNJB FabricsWetsuit materialWetsuit material■ Cross Section of Pad ■We have adopted a free customization system i.e. a cyborg alpha series, which can be customized to t the body shape as well as the exercise routines of riders. It is a revolutionary system where the position of all the pads can be freely adjusted. All of the parts can be changed including the jacket, the shoulder pads, the upper arms, elbows, and spine, as well as the pants, center pads, hip, side and knees.(Utility Model Registration No. 3149896)CYBORG WRIST BRACECB911 size : FREE color : BLK1. Pass the thumb through a hole.2. Turn it from the palm side to the backside of your hand.3. Wrap it around the wrist rmly.4. It is held in place with a Velcro fabric, which can be xed at any position!It is an excellent fit, even at the starting position.Photo: Mr. Kizaki Pro RiderCHANGE & EXTENDAll the 5 pads including the three hip pads and two pelvis pads are made in a way so that you can remove or shift all of them, depending on your body shape and the type of clothes you are wearing. They can be worn at any position, where you feel it ts you best.By using the front pads on the hip this will make you appear slimmerCyborg Free Customization SystemCyborg Alpha…Aiming at the protector that feels just like an extension of your body that has the ability to change.CYBORG ALPHA SHORTCB150 size : S~M・L~XL・XL~XXLcolor : NJB (cm)SIZE CHART160~172170~185180~19585~9693~105103~12275~8785~9896~115S~ML~XLXL~XXLHeightChestWaistStandard sizes listed. Please consult retailer for moreinformation.It is a very simple, wrap-type wrist guard. It has Velcro attached to it, so you can wear it with just one touch!