2015-16 yoroi-blp

34NEO SERIESNEO INNER SHORTNEO INNER LONGBS210 size : W / S / M / L / XL  color : BLK (W:PINK STITCH) BS110 size : W / S / M / L / XL color : BLK/WHT STITCH(W:BLK/PINK STITCH)  MENS BLK BACKMENS BACKMENS BLK FRONTLASYS SIDEMENS FRONTblp924 KNEE GUARDblp924 ELBOW GUARDBL804 size : FREE  color:BLK BL809 size : FREE  color:BLK 2pset2psetIt is a protective inner series NEO for active sports. This series has come up with the logical concept of attaching the pads to shirts, pants and inners as well.There are a total of nine semi-hard pads. They are situated as follows: three pads on the hip, four pads on the sides and two pads on the knees. They also protect you even if you fall on your side. Stitching is done with a stress-free, at seamer type nishing. As it has various cuttings to tighten parts of the body at pivotal points, you won’t get fatigued even if you wear it for long time.You may adjust the size with the rope provided inside the waist part.This is a short-type pair of pants, which has the same cuttings as that of the long pants. These inner parts of the pants are a little longer in length with a good t, which is comfortable. All the seven pads, including the three hip pads and the four pads on the sides, will protect you without changing your posture.The body is made up of excellent stretchable wetsuit material, which holds together firmly with only one strap. Even when bending and stretching, there is no sense of pressure, making it extremely comfortable to wear. It can also be used as a knee guard if you’re doing some DIY work or shooting with a camera.Stress-free One Strap!It is held rmly in place with a Velcro strap. It can also be used as a protector in the case of skating.Special mesh bag is provided.