2015-16 yoroi-blp

36BA331 size :JXS~JS(90cm-110cm)       JS~JM(110cm-130cm) JM~JL(130cm-150cm) JL~JXL(150cm-160cm)color : BLK・G.CAMOFX EASY GUARD AIRLY JRAIRLYJR ELBOW GUARDBS833 size :JXS~JS・JS~JM・JM~JLcolor : BLK NEO JUNIORJR KNEE GUARDBS828 size :JXS~JS・JS~JM・JM~JLcolor : BLK This series has sizes between 90cm to 160cm, specially made for kids and juniors. It is easy to wear, and it rmly guards against shock. By wearing this, fun in the Snow Mountains can be doubled due to feeling of protection!Breathability has increased dramaticallyAs there is ventilation in the cushion pad as well as the body, it has excellent breathability, which makes it refreshing and comfortable at the same time.Perforated padPerforatedwetsuit materialShock reductionWater dropsIt doesn’t get dampand it’s cool!This protector can be used throughout all the seasons!size: JXS= height 90cm, JS= height 110cm, JM= height 130cm, JL= height 150cmNBR pads are built-in!Wearing and removing it is very easy through a one-touch movement with three Velcro straps!!Special mesh bag is provided.Special mesh bag is provided.