2015-16 yoroi-blp

39yoroi-blp 2015-16 catalogNEO INNER LONG ”JR”BS218 size :JXS(90) ・JS(110)・ JM(130)・ JL(150)color : BLK/GRY NEO INNER SHORT ”JR”BS118 size :JXS(90) ・JS(110)・ JM(130)・ JL(150)color : BLK/GRY BLK/GRYBLK/GRYNEO KID'S BACK BONE VESTBS610 size :JXS(90) ・JS(110) color : BLK AIRLYAIRLYBreathability has increased dramaticallypad with holes absorptionIMPACTThere are a total of seven pads including three pads on the hip and four pads on the sides. It protects you even if you fall on your side.There are a total of nine pads including three pads on hip, four pads on the sides and two pads on the knees. You may adjust the size easily with the rope inside the waist part.There is a myriad of ventilation holes in the pad, which makes it a structure that doesn't become stuy.The wetsuit material is used for jacket; it is very soft and has an excellent stretch quality; so it is very comfortable to wear. On slopes, protecting oneself from unexpected backside collision is very important.One touch waist belt!Soft padding inside