2015-16 yoroi-blp

40MOLD HEAD GUARD FULLHEAD GUARD JR(3P)BL956 size :FREE color : BLK・NVY・GRYMOLD HEAD GUARD 1PBL950 size :FREE color : BLK・NVY・GRYBLKNVYACCESSORIESAIRLYBL953 size :JR FREE color : BLKAmongst all injuries, head injuries come in at third place. A survey shows that one person out of every six persons who were injured, had a nasty blow to the head. We would highly recommend that you either wear a helmet or this head guard while being active on the snow mountains. It will also prevent a cerebral concussion. If you dislike wearing a helmet, all you need to do is put this guard under your knit cap. It looks very simple and also increases your safety exceptionally well in the snow mountains. It is a protector made by EVA molding, especially for the head. EVA material is an extremely soft material that is exible, and has excellent shock absorption qualities. It is very lightweight and it doesn’t deteriorate with wind, rain or even ultra-violet rays; therefore it’s a highly durable material. As it doesn’t generate dioxin; it is non-polluting and a completely environmentally friendly material.Your knit cap can be quickly transformed into a helmet just by inserting a pad with excellent shock absorption qualities!The most useful guards and accessories on the ski slopesThe shape ts perfectly to the head.。Special mesh bag is provided.It can be worn easily under knit caps with VelcroThree-piece set, which includes one centerpiece and two sidepiecesHead guard for juniors full – Three-piece set, which includes one centerpiece and two sidepiecesFor the center there is one pieceIt can be worn easily under knit caps with VelcroThe point to remember here is, when you fall down in a backwards direction, you need to lower your upper body, bend your back and lower your head so that it will not get hit.In other words, when you fall in a backwards direction, it is important to make sure that you don’t hit your head! Even if that happens, or you hit your head by mistake, if you are wearing a head pad it plays a very important role to reduce the shock to a considerable extent, which in turn will reduce the pain or injury considerably, and you can have fun for longer periods of time.Importance of a head guard:By raising your head, bend your back!!It is important to have a head pad too!When you fall in a backwards direction on the mountainsideVentilation is achieved by opening a myriad of holes in the body and shock absorption pads which have a diameter of around 2.5mmpad with holes absorptionIMPACTWater droplet with holes