2015-16 yoroi-blp

41yoroi-blp 2015-16 catalogMashomaro head padBL957 size :M diameter 8cm, S diameter 5cmcolor : WHT・PNK・PPL・BLU・GRN (Set of 6 (M 3, S 3) with case)Urethane foam material is usedThis is a shock absorbent material with elasticity that could be compared to a marshmallow. This material is also used in crash pads on the circuit.It can be worn easily under knit caps with Velcro.PPLGRNWHTPNKBLUEWRIST BRACE(2P)WRIST BRACE JR (2P)BL988 size :FREEBL970 size :JS~JM・JM~JL It has a soft pad, which can be stuck anywhere inside the guard with Velcro!!2pcs set2pcs setIt dramatically gives you feeling of holding, just by sticking it in a place around the wrist you are worried about!Easy to wear with just one ip!YELREDGRNW.CAMOD.CHKBLKIt is a free size wrist guard that is made of high-quality wetsuit material. It is soft and is comfortable and easy to wear! * Wrist bar is not included.blp WRIST GLOVE INNERBL995 size :S~M・L~XLcolor :BLK BLK2pcs setIt is super stretch type glove inner. If you have a spare inner set, you can immediately change it, even if you perspire. This is an essential item for a two to three night snow mountain trip.It doesn’t allow the snow to enter through the cu!!S.CAFE stretch material is used which also has an odor control function too.It is a wrist supporter for juniors.There is a spilt in the hem part, as this design aims to make it easy for children to wear.POWDER COVER S.CAFEPOWDER COVER S.CAFE JRBL007C size :FREE color :BLKBL005C size :JS~JM・JM~JLcolor :BLK 2pcs set2pcs setRecycle coee fabric is used. Not only does coee emit great aroma, it has fast drying and sweat absorbing, odor control, and ultraviolet screening functions without treatment. Instead of disposing such resource, we recycle and reuse the coffee grounds, making our suits environmentally friendly.BY RECYCLING COFFEE WASTERECYCLE COFFEE FABRICPOINTNEWNEWNEWExcerpt from the National Ski Safety Measures Council 2014-2015 Season Ski Injuries ReportHere are many body injury areas!1st: ShoulderSNOWBOARDSKI2nd:Wrist3rd: Head5th: Elbow1st: Knee2nd: Lower leg3rd: Shoulder4th: Head4th: Hip5th: Face