2015-16 yoroi-blp

45yoroi-blp 2015-2016 catalogBLKCHKBLKSTPSOFT GOGGLE POUCHB455 size :20×10.5×14㎝BLKPOPCHKORGSTPSCTPNKLIMEDOTPPLDOTPNKDOTMIXCHKBLKDOTPPLSTPSCTBLUHANDY LENSE CLOTHB460 size :FREEPPLDOTGRNPNKDOTSCTPNKG.CAMOW.CAMOBLKSTPMIXCHKBLKDOTSCTBLUORGSTPLEOBLKThis is a goggle case made of wetsuit material. A lens cloth pocket and the lens cloth are provided.It also has a shoulder strap making it really easy to carry! It can even be used as an accessories’ box, make-up kit pouch or as a lunch bag.Lens pocket with lens cloth!!Lens cloth 21 × 10.5cmDrawstring innerA very convenientshoulder strap tomake carrying it easy!!You may store the goggles cloth in a mini size wetsuit material case. It is an indispensable item when goggles get fogged up. It can be attached to your snow gear or backpack with the carabiner, so you can take it out and wipe your goggles really quickly and whenever you need it! For everyday use, it is perfect as a cloth for sunglasses and smartphones!! Needless to say that if it gets dirty, you can also wash it.The lens cloths used inside are made of different colors depending on the color of the pouch!Golf balls can also be wiped.It can also be used for tablets or smartphones!