2015-16 yoroi-blp

5yoroi-blp 2015-16catalogwww.yoroi-blp.comSuperior durability and ultralightweight!Traditional Japanese Yoroi, revived forthe modern age!In "The whole inner layer acting as a protector" concept, a special honeycomb mesh is used for the entire body, which absorbs the shock with the actual clothing material. This is the way that this ideal system has been realized. Another fantastic benet is that it also adjusts to body temperature incredibly well. It is often referred to as a super-efficient protector, oriented to retain both,performance and stamina. * Patent registration number utility model: 3149896HEART OF YOROI®PROTECTORProtectionHighly-selected materials, in terms of hardness, thickness and raw material, applied toareas most susceptible to damage.LayerBy layering dierent materials, defense, mobility, and comfort are enhanced.MobilityTorso with essential organs and vulnerable joints protected with diering parts andmaterials.UpliftedIt is “mononofu” sense of beauty, generated by the admiration of nature and itsbeauty, equipment is accentuated with a sense of luck and upliftment.