2015-16 yoroi-blp

51yoroi-blp 2015-2016 catalogHAMMER FREE SOLE GUARDB323 size : FREE・151~169㎝ SOLE GUARD FUNPOWDER BOARD PROTECTERFit for POWDER BOARD and FISH BOARD!NJB【NINJYA BLACK】is shinny black color!B328 size : M・138~153㎝ L・153~173㎝ B390 size : FREE 152~166㎝ BLK.CMBBLKNJBW.CAMOG.CAMOB.ICEB.ICEP.ICEFUN.BLUEFree style and specially made for hammerheadBoth sides of nose and tail are guarded with nylon!!Use of plastic is minimized!"Double edge guard"Both sides of nose and tail are guarded with nylon!![Double edge guard]Side portion is made up of double layers so it rmly guards the edges!All the functions of popular series “SOLE GUARD NEO” have been incorporated into this design! It’s a colorful model, with dierent colors for dierent parts such as the nose, tail, sole surface, deck surface and the back!!