2015-16 yoroi-blp

56TUNE UP ITEMSWAX SETHAYATE SNOW WAXB640HB07 BASE WAX(70g)HB09 SNOW WAX(70g)HB55 GRF WAX(70g)-5℃~10℃-7℃~10℃-7℃~7℃Waxing IronB592 size:110×170×110mm Easy grip shape allows you wax smoothly. The temperature control can go from 100°C to 160°C if needed.One-Year WarrantyThis is a WAX, which can bring durability to your board and increases your performance just by applying as a base gliding WAX.BASEThis WAX is made up of fluorine compounds, which delivers super gliding performance in all snow conditions and temperatures.GlidingFluorineThis WAX is made by combining high fluorine and special silicon, which delivers super gliding performance in all snow conditions.SiliconGlidingFluorineCHIP WAX BASEEasy to use granular hot wax!!B959W(350g)B960W(1kg business use)Waxing Papersize : 250×148mmB958 25 sheetsB958G 100 sheets・business useUse of high-quality non-woven fabric.B950 WAX SET (8 items)Product NameBrandIronblpBASEWAXHAYATEScraperNO NAMENylon BrushblpCork NblpA set of 10 sheetsblpTune up glovesNO NAMEWax bagblpTUNE UP APRONTUNE UP BAGSB949size:150×250×150mmcolor:W CAMO Scraper CRScraper MDScraper DLB940C color:CLRsize : 150×50×4mmB941C color:CLRsize : 250×50×4mmB945D color:CLRsize : 150×50×4mmwith casewith casewith caseFinishing Cloth SetB926Hsize:145×100mm thickness 8mmA two-piece set of color ber cloths. Used for the nal nishing touch up.Cork NCork MDCork FB931Nsize : 90×65×35mmB931Msize : 130×45×35mmB933Fsize : 120×55×45mmHigh quality cork, cut in an ideal size, enabling smooth waxing.Made with the easiness of natural cork in mind.High quality cork attached with felt fabric for the nishing touch.Edge Sharpener MiniB813size : 60×55×23mmWith this you can adjust the angle of your board edge to 88° and 90°.Repair P-TEXB982It is an essential item for board repair.Nylon BrushB905N size : 120×75mmHeight :23mm Brush length:15mmwith caseHigh flexibility nylon is used. It has the ideal size for use.Horse Hair Brushwith caseB901M size : 120×75mmHeight :23mm Brush length:10mmHigh quality horsehair is used. It has the ideal size for use.BOA BrushB903B size : 120×75mmHeight :23mm Brush length:10mmGood quality BOA is used. The best brush to tune up a snowboard.with caseBronze BrushB904B size : 120×75mmHeight :23mm Brush length:10mmCarefully selected bronze is used. It is perfect for delicate structure.with case